• Dear Denise, may I take this opportunity on behalf of myself and Mum and family for the service, comfort and understanding you gave to the family in respect of my father. The compassion you showed is to be admired, the words you spoke to be cherished.
    Again, thank you and God bless you from all of us
  • I want to thank you for the good, well put together funeral service. Also thanks for going through it in so much detail beforehand. Everything was really well done and I couldn't be more pleased about how it went. Many thanks Denise. It was a pleasure to meet you.
    Daniel, Becky and Sue
  • Rev Denise. Thank you so much for carrying out a lovely and heartfelt service for Michael, and for your words at Michael's private garden.
    Your work has been much appreciated by myself and all of Michael's family. Take care
    Sandra, Michael, Lesley and family
  • Thank you enormously for presenting your Service yesterday, you did such a magnificent job. So many peopleI spoke to yesterday commented it was one of the best and most memorable Services they could recall. You are delivering a marvellous service to people. I hope you continue in your special vocation for years to come

    We in our family cannot thank you enough!
  • Dear Denise, just a note to express our sincere thanks for stepping in at such short notice to take Mum’s funeral service. You most certainly portrayed Mum well, we wish you had been able to meet her. Many people who attended said how they had ‘enjoyed’ the service - a celebration of her life as well as the act of formally saying goodbye.
    Best wishes and thanks
    Robert and Alison
  • Thank you for the lovely service for my Aunty
  • Dear Reverend Denise, thank you so much for your sensitive, personal service yesterday. We all thoroughly appreciated your professionalism, kindness and patience. You managed to combine a complicated history with skill and sensitivity. Your sporting ‘includes’ were great! It cannot have been easy, but we all ‘enjoyed’ it, if that sounds right?
    We are so grateful Geoff contacted you and you were able to help, we could not have asked for a better person.
    thank you
    Shirley, John, Alison, Steve, Little Alison and families
  • Hello Denise. Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful service you did for my brother, Graham. On behalf of all his friends and family.
    It was very moving, thank you very much.
  • Hi Denise. Thank you so much for the lovely card and such kind words, it was a pleasure meeting you too and you also did my brother proud with your unique service.
    So thank you for EVERYTHING, you really do a wonderful job. Love and take care
    Doreen, Michael and all the family
  • Thank you for today. It was a lovely service and send off for my Dad.
    Jayne and Family
  • Thank you again for a beautiful service for our Dad.
    Robert and Family
  • Thank you for the service yesterday. It was a truly perfect day to remember my Dad
    Ryan and Family
  • Beautiful service you gave for my brother, Robbie. Thank you
  • On behalf of Mark, Deborah and the wider family, I would like to extend sincere thanks to you for officiating the funeral service to commemorate June’s life. We have received many complements on the service content and the professional and eloquent delivery.

    Thank you also for the empathy you showed whilst visiting us last Thursday which somewhat eased the task of planning the service.
  • Thank you for yesterday’s service - your words gave great comfort. Everybody said what a brilliant job you did. Thank you very much.
    Alan and family
  • Just to say ‘thank you’ for a lovely service yesterday. All there commented on your kind words and your perfect summary of June’s life. You made a very sad day much easier.

    Thank you very much
    Annette and family
  • I wanted to sincerely thank you for the lovely words you said about my husband today. I felt very proud of him. Thank you
    June and family
  • Just wanted to thank you for yesterday - it was a lovely service Can’t thank you enough - Dad would have loved it!!

    Thank you from all his children.